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Watch Kill Theory 2009 Online

Whilst celebrating a graduation at a secluded vacation home, a group of college students find themselves targeted by a sadistic killer who forces them to play a deadly game of killing one another in order to survive.

Watch Knowing 2009 Online

A teacher opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son’s elementary school; in it are some chilling predictions — some that have already occurred and others that are about to — that lead him to believe his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold.

Watch Kevin Hart: I'm a Grown Little Man 2009 Online

Fresh off the heels of appearing in movies like Superhero Movie and The 40 Year-Old Virgin, fast-talking comedian Kevin Hart stars in this live stand-up performance where he makes fun of everything and everybody – especially himself.

Watch Kambakkht Ishq 2009 Online

A romantic comedy about an Indian stuntman who takes Hollywood by storm but cannot find true love.

Watch Kolpaçino 2009 Online


Watch Kaminey 2009 Online

Guddu and Charlie are identical twins born and raised in the slums of Mumbai. They dream of leaving the squalor behind and moving into a life of prosperity and dignity. Though they look alike, the two are as different as chalk and cheese: one lisps while the other stammers; one is an honest, diligent social worker while the other hedges bets at a racecourse. The brothers want nothing to do with each other, but when Charlie gets mixed up in a deadly get-rich-quick scheme and Guddu realizes that the love of his life has unwittingly put a price on his head, their lives begin to collide. Faced with rogue politicians, drug dealers and crooked cops, they uncover a sinister plot laid out by the ‘political-police-underworld’ nexus. Their stories finally converge to a point when they realize they only have each other.

Watch King of Thorn 2009 Online

A virus begins to grip the Earth’s population and a group of hopeful survivors are cryogenically frozen in attempt to find a cure. But when the group awakens they are flung into a horrifying situation.

Watch Kelin 2009 Online

A woman is led by her family to her new husband’s home, to live with, presumably, his elderly mother and younger brother. Despite being forced into the marriage, she discovers that he is not such a bad catch after all but domestic bliss does not last long.

Watch Klick ins Herz 2009 Online

Maggie und Paul senior lernen sich in einem Chatroom kennen. Beide sind voneinander so angetan, dass sie den Schritt in die Realität wagen und sich treffen wollen. Es gibt nur einen Haken: Beide haben sich jünger gemacht – so jung wie Maggies Tochter Eva und Pauls Sohn Paul junior. Die beiden “Kinder” lassen sich darauf ein, an Stelle ihrer Eltern zum Date zu gehen, was ein ziemlicher Reinfall wir…

Watch Karate Kallie 2009 Online

An Afrikaans story about a chubby 17-year old (Kallie) who struggles to fit in in his new school. On top of that, luck has it that he falls in love with the school bully’s sister.

Watch Kinder des Sturms 2009 Online

On the escape of the violent Poles 1946, the child of Rosemarie get lost. And Rosemaries tries to find her daughter.

Watch Kings of Leon: Live at The O2 London, England 2009 Online

Nashville-based rockers Kings of Leon take the stage at The O2, London’s renowned arena, where they unleash a long set of hit tunes, including “Be Somebody,” “Sex on Fire,” “Molly’s Chambers,” “Use Somebody,” “Notion” and “Knocked Up.”