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Watch Johan Falk: Blodsdiamanter 2015 Online

GSI follow up a weapon trail that leads right into Kavkaz mafia headquarters on the west coast. GSI member Niklas Saxlid is the one in the group who is specialized in undercover operations, and he has penetrated Kavkaz’ activities. But suddenly something happens and Niklas disappears.

Watch Beck - Rum 302 2015 Online

The body of a young woman is found in a Stockholm hotel room. It appears that she has been strangled after a night partying with two young men, but the room was paid for using the credit card of a mugging victim whose alibi doesn’t add up. Martin and Gunvald investigate under the supervision of their new boss Klas Freden.

Watch Johan Falk: Slutet 2015 Online

The unknown, large mafia organization is now showing its true face. The pressure that GSI and John Falk and his family have put on the organization, makes them fight back on all fronts. The rule book is thrown out. But to go after Johan Falk’s family, to try to kill his wife, could be the biggest mistake the organization has done. GSI closes up around Johan’s family, and the final battle begins.

Watch Johan Falk: Ur askan i elden 2015 Online

Johan Falk följer med hustrun till en död maffiaboss till Lettland för att där försöka lösa en gåta som gäckat honom i flera år. Det Johan finner i en stuga utanför Riga chockar inte bara honom utan även GSI:s nye chef Sophie Nordh och den förre chefen Patrik Agrell. I samma veva släpps de flesta av Rydellgängets originalmedlemmar ut från ett långt fängelsestraff. Tillsammans med nyrekryteringar …

Watch The Master Plan 2015 Online

Charles Ingvar Jönsson gathers three criminals to take vengeance upon the people who killed his uncle.